mars 13, 2020

5 quality criteria for your digital and medical content!

by Marion. S in Content, SEO

To keep a website alive it is important to create content on a regular basis. Attention, from an editorial point of view, your content must be of quality.

On the other hand, you must bring qualified traffic to your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEA) is therefore also a key marketing and digital point. Take the time to examine your competition. Propose innovation and produce content with high added value. It’s all about standing out. Here are a few points to help you get started!


1 – The format

Offer your contact person a format adapted to his or her needs. Indeed, to each sector of readers with their specific expectations.

Ask yourself the right questions to guide you:

  • Who is your content intended for?
  • What is your audience (their geographical data, time of connection, more male or female target audience, etc.)
  • What kind of content do your readers want?
  • What are the goals you want to achieve?

These questions are very important to determine the perfect format for your different targets: an article, a computer graphic, an interview, photos, videos, a podcast… For example, for people working in the medical or hospital professions who prefer computer graphics, they need to have information as quickly as possible.


2 – The added value

Choose relevant topics, they must be useful, original and above all topical. Pay great attention to the sources you choose, they must be reliable so as not to spread false information, remain transparent with your readers. To this end, don’t hesitate to have your content validated by experts in order to establish a relationship of trust with your target audience.


3 – Perceived value

Perceived value is the first impression your visitor gets, i.e.: « What a nice design! The layout is clear and pleasant to browse, the information and figures are easy to remember.

After the search for a unique visual identity, try to distinguish yourself by identifying a recognized and appreciated brand as well as expert influencers. These unique contents are immediately successful, more attractive and generate more clicks than others. They are also more promoted by google and distributed on social media.


4 – The emotional connection

The idea is to stand out from the competition and win over a loyal readership.

So you need to create a unique emotional connection with them. You need to work on your brand identity, so that it is unique and remembered. With this connection created, your community will relay the information for you on its own social networks.


5 – Distribution and promotion of your content

Once your content has been created (computer graphics, video…) do not hesitate to promote it. Your content must be accessible as soon as possible. Choose the social networks whose format is the most suitable to broadcast and share your content.

Do not hesitate to contact the press, make brand quotes in your publications, they will be grateful to you and will relay the information to their community.

Also think about influencers, this will only increase your visibility.

Marion S.