Content management

“Brand Content” and “Medical Content“ are at the heart of your communication strategy (healthcare professionals and/or patients) and include institutional, product, and pathology area content.

With internet, a lot of incomplete and even erroneous healthcare information is visible and accessible on forums and sometimes social networks. It is thus essential for pharmaceutical companies to provide patients certified information to counter this disinformation.

content is king

Your challenges

  • Build a strong and recognizable brand identity for your audience.
  • Distance yourself from your competitors.
  • Offer reliable healthcare information.
  • Respect regulatory requirements.

Our solutions

  • Benchmark and analysis of competition.
  • Business intelligence and identification of trends and subjects according to therapeutic areas, pathologies, expectations of patients and healthcare professionals via our business intelligence tool Intelledata®.
  • Proposal of subjects and themes by pathology according to trends.
  • Proposal of an editorial schedule respecting statutory imposed deadlines.

Content writing

More than 4 billion web pages are available on the net. Every minute, 65 000 searches are made on Google. Content quality is an important criterion but Internet users still need to find your website for your content to be read.

How do you adapt your content for the Web and improve your natural indexing?

corriger un texte

Your challenges

  • Interact with your targets.
  • Be visible on the Web and search engines, in particular Google.
  • Appear on search engines’ first page for your core pathologies.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Our solutions

  • Definition of keywords and lexical fields.
  • Selection of the most adapted media according to targets and goals (text, infographic, video, etc.).
  • Writing of scientific and medical articles aimed at healthcare professionals and/or patients, product sheets.
  • Emailing’s conception and writing.
  • Conception of infographics and other visuals. Consult our creations.
  • Video shooting: story board, social media optimized videos, motion design.