Universal Medica Group‘s subsidiary, Cherry digital healthcare agency was created in 2014, to answer the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies in their digital transformation.

Born of a genuine alliance between medical and digital cultures, Cherry for Life Science positions itself as THE main partner for healthcare industries, in the success of their digital transformation, on an international scale.


« Reinvent health for wellbeing », by accompanying life sciences companies (pharmaceutical companies, Biotech, Medtech) and their ecosystem (healthcare authorities, healthcare professionals, patients associations) in their digital transformation.

We are convinced that pharmaceutical industry’s digital transformation must be comprehended as a vector for growth and value creation.



Cherry digital healthcare agency accompanies healthcare industries from strategic reflection up to operational digital action plan implementation.

Our conviction: content is at the core of all digital communication strategies. It deserves the utmost care, regardless of communication channels. Content must be attractive and target orientated (healthcare professionals, general public, patients) to attract and retain an audience, increase visibility, capitalize on brand image and generate traffic. Our DNA rests on the writing of scientific and institutional multimedia contents; reliable, relevant, attractive and targeted.

How we work

We have developed an agile methodology and an iterative approach of project management. We define with our customer an order of priorities and a schedule of ready for delivery (Web content, medical articles, computer graphics, videos, community management, Websites and Web platforms).

Our methodology incorporates a five stage process:

  • Needs analysis & Recommendations
  • Operational implementation
  • KPIs definition and measurement
  • Action plan adjustment & improvement
réunion de travail

Pharmaceutical companies entered a new era. They are no longer simple drug manufacturers but also service providers. Advent of e-health/m-health and increase of Internet use are great opportunities for Life sciences companies to foster patient engagement and transform lives through better health. Sociocultural factors such as the ageing of the population, healthcare access heterogeneousness, healthcare costs, chronic disease increase, , etc., push them to make a deep change in their business models. Cherry digital healthcare agency accompanies them on a daily basis in this transformation by offering them custom-made services.

Rafi Mardachti – Universal Medica Group’s CEO