Digital transformation

With GAFAMs and other disruptive biotechs entering the game, Big Pharmas have to radically change their economic business model.

Other sociocultural factors urge pharmaceutical companies to launch their digital transformation: ageing of the population, chronic disease increase, healthcare access heterogeneousness, increase of healthcare costs and the advent of e-health and m-health.


Your challenges

  • Go from a “product” marketing approach to a healthcare professionals and patients’ needs-centered marketing approach.
  • Digitize your communication media and channels with healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Offer innovative ranges of services.
  • Help your teams adopt a digital culture.

Our solutions

  • Change management.
  • Omni-channel strategy definition and implementation.
  • Implementation of customized digital training according to the targeted public and needs via EUROPHARMA entity, specialized in e-learning and training.

Brand Strategy

The question of brands’ e-reputation is at the heart of all discussions. In a digital world, a brand’s image can be destroyed in a few clicks or by anonymous comments on social media. To build and feed a brand strategy is essential for healthcare industries.

At Cherry, we believe content Marketing & story telling are key to building a great brand strategy.


Your challenges

  • Increase your visibility and your reputation.
  • Create a visual identity and a strong brand.
  • Win the trust of the general public.
  • Neutralize bad buzz and anticipate crisis management.
  • Engage your targets (healthcare professionals, patients, general public).

Our solutions

  • Definition of brand values and editorial strategy
  • Implementation of user centric strategy (UX) and omnichannel strategy
  • Identification of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and ambassador to federate communities
  • Implementation of crisis management strategy on social media
  • E-reputation monitoring and analysis through Intelledata, our social media monitoring and analysis solution.

Healthcare Professionals Strategy

Drug promotion has evolved. According to recent studies, healthcare professionals are more than 65% likely to use their smartphone for prescriptions or information purposes. They are more and more actively involved on B2B social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Customer relationship models are fast-changing.

professionnel de santé

Your challenges

  • Develop your communication with healthcare professionals.
  • Strengthen your sales networks performance (medical visitors, pharmaceutical representatives, hospital representatives).
  • Relay your congresses and PR with innovative solutions.
  • Offer healthcare professionals innovative services or solutions.
  • Strengthen KOLs and influencers relationship towards brands.

Our solutions

  • Inbound marketing strategy (high scientific added value editorial contents, visual contents such as videos, computer graphics).
  • Outbound marketing strategy (e-mailing and newsletter conception and distribution).
  • Social media strategy (creation and moderation of healthcare professionals’ communities).
  • Conception of dedicated and secure Web Platforms.
  • Implementation of training and e-learning aimed at healthcare professionals via EUROPHARMA.
  • Medical on demand.
  • Medflixs’ on-line congress platform.

Patient Centric Strategy

Thanks to smartphones, social networks, healthcare Web sites, and healthcare forums, 2018’s patient became an “uber-consumer”. Internet users’ behavior studies are unanimous: 80% of Internet users are searching for healthcare information. The connected patient became an expert, over informed, autonomous, watchful, curious and actor of his own health and wellness.

patient centric

Your challenges

  • Optimize patients’ experience (efficiency, good use, observance).
  • Develop a communication with patients and general public.
  • Better inform patients about their pathology and treatments.
  • Create patient communities and identify ambassadors and expert patients.
  • Offer innovative services or solutions to patients.

Our solutions

  • Content Management strategy with Brand Content and Medical Content.
  • Website editorial line definition & multimedia contents creation: general public healthcare website, healthcare website by therapeutic pathology or area.
  • Social Media Strategy.