SEO / SEA web indexing

Cherry pays particular attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and to paid referencing called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) of your web contents.

Cherry’s SEO and SEA offer articulates around:

référencement Google

SEO – Natural referencing

  • Technical audit
  • User experience analysis (UX)
  • Content analysis (keywords and semantic field)
  • Technical and structural optimization of the website
  • User experience optimisation
  • Identification of keywords, lexical fields and hashtags corresponding to your brand, your therapeutic areas, your market environment
  • Rewriting of your existing contents or creation of contents by web writers with SEO writing techniques
  • Netlinking (linking of internal pages & referral websites)

SEA – Adwords Campaigns

  • Support and advice on keyword identification and purchase
  • Writing of optimized announcements for Google
  • Management of a predefined budget
  • Analysis of SEA campaigns via the Google Analytics tool

Conception of turnkey healthcare websites

Cherry developed a turnkey conception offer of general public healthcare websites and secure web portals aimed at healthcare professionals.

  • Website’s design and model conception
  • Arborescence and menu suggestions
  • Homepage model realization
  • Pictures and computer graphics design
  • Optimized SEO contents writing (articles, interviews, videos)
  • Website referencing
Conception de sites web

Intelledata® : listening and analysis solution for social media

Intelledata® was designed and developped by Universal Medica Group.

  • Powerful algorithms based on semantic analysis
  • A quantitative signals and alert peaks detection system
analysis solution for social media

Your challenges

  • Follow brand, product or therapeutic area evolution mentions
  • Identify blogs, forums and influencers generating online discussions
  • Set up alerts on important subjects (semantic research by keywords)
  • Being able to immediately react and set up a crisis management

Our solutions

  • More than 500 sources (healthcare specialized websites, discussion forums, social networks) monitored in real time
  • More than 25 000 watched terms
  • A scientific and medical team dedicated to the qualitative analysis of alert peaks, pharmacovigilance case reports, and custom-made report writing

Medica Source®: a dedicated CRM solution to Medical Information

Medica Source® was designed and developed by Universal Medica Group, a consulting firm specializing in medical information and pharmacovigilance for 17 years, to answer specific follow-up and traceability needs of pharmaceutical companies (management and real time follow-up of level I and level II medical information).

infographie medicasource

Global medical information management solution

  • Medical information management and collaborative tool
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution available on the cloud
  • Tool configuration according to customer’s specificities
  • History and traceability of your interactions (calls, emails)
  • Data safety
  • Accessible application through an Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)


  • FAQs base/Standardized responses Management
  • Products database Management
  • Email or mail templates database (possibility of sending emails from Medica Source )
  • User profile management: several possible user profiles: administrator, operator, read-only, etc.
  • Audit trail: connections history, set of demands history (last updates, etc.)
  • Reporting: generate in real time, a synthetic report of the medical information activity.
  • Excel export, PDF
  • Customized dashboard