Writing medical contents

Expertise: writing of multilingual medical contents for mobile application .

Context: launch of a general-public application aimed at SEP patients to propose innovative « Beyond the pill » services to patients and their relatives.

Solutions: writing of more than 200 illustrated and mobile-adapted articles for the app’s launch and regular updates

Process: ongoing business intelligence of the environment, editorial calendar elaboration, contents writing according to the defined editorial line, statutory validation process.

Client: Biogen, Cleo, mon app SEP
Date: 2018
Service: Brand & Medical content
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Content writing and infographics

Expertise: Infographics creation and scientific content writing

Context: provision of editorial content adapted and focused on natural medicines with the objective of turning readers into ambassadors. Natural referencing (SEO) optimization through personalized editorial contents.

Solutions: articles writing and computer graphics design on food complements in accordance with graphics standards and customer’s regulatory requirements.

Process: in-depth environmental monitoring, editorial calendar elaboration, news writing and computer graphics design, statutory validation process for articles. Data business intelligence and research, storytelling elaboration, infographics design and conception.

Client: Arkopharma
Date: 2016
Service: Brand & Medical content
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SEO and UX

Expertise: writing of optimized institutional SEO contents, UX advice and ergonomics improvement.

Context: update of the website content’s.

Solutions: writing of updated institutional contents, optimized for SEO.

Process: extended market intelligence of Mylan and its products, drafting and validation retroplanning.

Client: Mylan
Date: 2018
Service: Digital Strategy
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Description of cosmetic ingredients composition

Expertise: cosmetic ingredients composition description in several languages and writing of SEO optimized articles.

Context: Provide a list of ingredients characteristics in cosmetic products on client’s websites.

Solutions: a clear, objective and neutral description of ingredients in order to be as transparent as possible

Process: research and market intelligence on 1200 ingredients, writing, validation.

Client: L’Oréal
Date: 2018
Service: Brand & Medical content
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Health news and product sheets drafting

Expertise: News and product sheets drafting aimed at healthcare professionals.

Context: platform development providing reliable, scientific and medical content for healthcare professionals.

Solutions: design of comprehensive and detailed product sheets, writing of reliable and relevant health news.

Process: product and environment monitoring, documents analysis, plan elaboration, content writing, statutory validation.

Client: MEDA / Mylan Connects
Date: 2017 – 2018
Service: Brand & Medical content
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Interviews and magazine’s graphic design

Expertise: magazine’s graphic design, doctors and patients’ interview realization and writing, games design.

Context: “ConTact” magazine’s update, aimed at ostomy patients.

Solutions: magazine’s offer with a more modern design, attractive and interactive contents’ conception.

Process: business intelligence of the environment, interviews’ realization, contents’ creation, layout, statutory validation.

Client: ConvaTec
Date: 2017 – 2020
Service: Brand & Medical content
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