septembre 15, 2018

How to boost your site’s audience ?

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Santé sur le Net is a medical information portal that puts patients at the heart of their health by providing them with safe and regularly updated information on various pathologies. All content is written by scientific experts who guarantee the reliability and quality of the published content. A case study on strategies to increase your website’s audience

Reinventing health for wellness

The purpose of the website? To disseminate health information and make it accessible to all i.e. Patient empowerment. Based on the fact that 63% of French people use the Internet for questions about their health, Santé sur le Net meets the information needs of patients and their entourage (Eurobarometer 2014). According to the same barometer, the main reason for participants’ dissatisfaction was the reliability of the information found on the Internet.

The patient at the heart of the strategy

From the choice of subjects to the media used, each content published on the site meets patients need. News on medical innovations, description sheets of various pathologies, computer graphics, expert videos, the key word remains the quality and reliability of shared content.

Search engine optimisation strategies

After an SEO and technical audit of the site, optimization strategies were implemented to increase audience and visibility of the website. The first issue concerned the website organization and compliance with content writing rules for the web.

Hierarchy of the site

Content hierarchy is critical. When a site is well thought out (in silo), information is easily found for the Internet user and also better indexed by search engine crawlers. The first step will therefore be after the content audit, the cataloguing of existing and future content.

Use a silo-like structure and aim for the easiest possible user experience. Today, the mobile support is by far the most used by readers, so adapt the site to mobile (responsive and AMP version of content)

Content management

The elaboration of an editorial strategy is a crucial step and went through the following steps:

  • Implementation of scientific, medical and competitive watch
  • Choice of topics and keywords of interest to you
  • Set the publication volume
  • Writing and updating of content (optimized for the web)
  • Internal & external linkages

Promoting content on social networks

Social networks are now an important channel in community building. To gain visibility, content published on the site is shared daily on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest). Facebook, for example, thanks to its very precise demographic data, makes it possible to reach a very targeted audience through advertising (Facebook Ads).

Result? In one year, the site’s audience has grown by + 1000%. What is your magic formula?

Laure D.


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