novembre 17, 2020


by Marion. S in Marketing

Marketing webinars are becoming more and more important in content strategies, as they are a powerful communication tool. But what is it really about?

First of all, the word webinar does not speak to everyone. In French, the webinar is a collective meeting that takes place on the internet. It is a contraction of the term’s « web » and « seminar”. Organising a webinar has many objectives in your content strategy. It allows you to highlight your healthcare company’s expertise, to respond to an issue of your target audience, to present new products and/or services, etc. The list can be long.

One of the main advantages of the webinar is that it solves the problem of travel. No matter how far away you are from your audience, you can reach and interact with them and reach more people.

Cherry offers you 7 tips for a successful webinar!


1. Define clear, consistent, and achievable objectives.

There is no point in scheduling a webinar if there is no specific goal or if the objectives are not achievable. This conference must meet an internal need of the company, and its purpose is to make it known. If you do not have anything specific to bring, your brand image could « take a hit ».  This is not your objective.

Thanks to this type of videoconferencing, you can attract quality prospects, generate more traffic to your website and build customer loyalty. Setting a clear objective will then allow you to define your audience and the content offered.

2. Plan a solid communication strategy

To ensure a sufficient number of participants, it is essential that you launch a communication campaign on your webinar beforehand. There are many usable channels, starting with your website, social networks, newsletters, or Google Ads. This campaign must be attractive and dynamic (just like the webinar itself). Above all, don’t fall into oblivion. Send a first « save the date », then regular reminders by email. If your promotion is well done beforehand, don’t take the risk that your subscribers will forget to log in on the day.

3. Choose the right creative tool for your webinar

For an optimal presentation, make sure you are working with a reliable and high-performance medium for a successful online conference! As there are many different types of software, define your needs beforehand to choose the right platform: number of participants expected, frequency of webinars, recording and replay, available budget.

4. Don’t forget the technical checks

To avoid seeing all your efforts crumble, don’t forget to carry out technical checks. To launch your webinar with complete peace of mind, check the quality of your internet connection, cameras, microphones, media displays, etc. beforehand.


5. An attractive and dynamic service

Be dynamic and master your subject. The objective is to make your audience want to stay until the end. Don’t forget to offer different types of visual support: images, videos, animations, tables, diagrams, etc. Alternate shots and avoid staying more than 5 minutes on a static screen. You can also include surveys or quizzes, for example, to mobilise your audience and highlight their participation.

Pay particular attention to your speech and vary the pace. Ideally, have two people present the conference to make it more dynamic.

6.Draw up an initial assessment following your conference

Take the time to study the data obtained after the conference. Take stock of the number of participants, listening time, etc. By cross-referencing your results and objectives, you will be able to identify areas for improvement.


7. Keep in touch with the participants

During your webinar, you have collected contact information from participants, so use this information to make real connections. Plan mailing campaigns: thank you, access to replay, satisfaction questionnaires, etc. Build a relationship of trust with your audience.

With all our advice and a solid organisation, your future webinar is ready to see the light of day!